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But then again, I have never dated so many people at once as to call one by the wrong name.Long before she married the Count, Luann de Lesseps dated Mets legend Keith Hernandez.I should have known better; you should never mix tequila with a breakup.

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We can impress you with our wit before you notice our character defects, and determine if you can keep up. As it turned out, my neighborhood was also his neighborhood. On the upside, I was relieved to discover George also had a real full-time job as a digital designer (phew) and was just as adorable IRL as he was on the 4G, if not more so.

He had one of those manicured, GQ-inspired haircuts that probably requires more maintenance than my own personal regimen, but it worked for him.

Sure, we all do things to hide our insecurities, but at what point does primping become perfidious?

For me, it’s the line between straightening my unruly half-Jewish hair and wearing a padded bra.

Editor’s Note: This modern-day horror tale is brought to you by Julia Reiss, a Los Angeles-bred writer and humorist with Parisian tendencies, based in New York City.

When she’s not writing or overcome with ennui, you can find her flexing her credit limit at any of the city’s retail establishments.While he told Andy Cohen that the two “hooked up,” the Countess says it was more like dating.“He was so hot, I had such a crush on him,” she dished to “Page Six TV.” Long before she married the Count, Luann de Lesseps dated Mets legend Keith Hernandez.His sense of aesthetics clearly made its way into his wardrobe too, because why else would a man button the top button of a casual Oxford shirt, if not to make a point?As we chatted, I could tell this was a person to whom looks mattered. I couldn’t tell if he was more upset about me hovering an inch above him (I’m 5’11) or about the fact that I had concealed this valuable data. One of the female bartenders approached us and asked if we needed anything.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.

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