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This manual focuses on behavior which is specific to SBCL, not on behavior which is common to all implementations of ANSI Common Lisp.

arguments to certain blocking operations, synchronous timeouts and asynchronous timeouts.

A more in-depth discussion on reporting bugs effectively can be found at

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I suggest forget the pre and just put it in a textarea.

Your indenting will remain and your code wont get word-wrapped in the middle of a path or something.

Checking the bug database is also worth it See Reporting Bugs, to see if the issue is already known. There is no formal organization developing SBCL, but if you need a paid support arrangement or custom SBCL development, we maintain the list of companies and consultants below.

Use it to identify service providers with appropriate skills and interests, and contact them directly.

at default settings, runs into this undefined behavior.

Many implementations of Common Lisp try to help the programmer around this annoyance by silently accepting the undefined code and trying to do what the programmer probably meant.

SBCL instead treats the undefined behavior as an error.

Often such code can be rewritten in portable ANSI Common Lisp which has the desired behavior.

The latter two affect operations without explicit timeout support (such as standard functions and macros). provides an efficient primitive for bitwise rotation of integers, an operation required by e.g. This general principle, and its implications, and the bugs which still keep the compiler from quite satisfying this principle, are discussed in Declarations as Assertions.

numerous cryptographic algorithms, but not available as a primitive in ANSI Common Lisp. SBCL fasl-format is binary compatible only with the exact SBCL version it was generated with.

See the Your primary source of SBCL support should probably be the mailing list sbcl-help: in addition to other users SBCL developers monitor this list and are available for advice.

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