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It was a very popular game in its time selling over 2. It had all of the elements that made Mario Kart a hit, usage of weapons , obstacles and speed boost regions etc.Collecting various weapons or tools helped increase your cars traction, engine or your turbo acceleration.

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For all of our Latino readers, how funny is the name of the track above?

Guess you need – Atari- 1986 Ahhhh, Super Sprint, how many quarters did I deposit into this bad boy? The player drives a Formula One-like car on a circuit that is viewed from above.

Growing up in the 80’s , I was always fascinated by driving.

Especially since my Dad sported the racing gloves and drove a stick shift Corola throughout the decade.

All in all a spectacular game that mixes, racing with crime fighting and expensive luxury cars. Pitstop II – Epyx 1984 Ok, now is the time that my list separates the real old schoolers to the wanna be ones! As you can see from the image below, you could play, head on with a challenger via a split screen view.

Pitstop II is the first 3D racing game to implement a split-screen simultaneous two-player game mode.

Red globes can also be obtained after destroying a vehicle and checkpoints garnered you some fuel as well.

All in all a great game which was ahead of its time in 1987! is a 1983 This has to be one of the best arcade racing games ever!

The real fun factor of the game was that the player was not in the driver seat but actually on the sidelines controlling the car via remote control.

(Just like Doc controlled the Delorian in Back to the Future while Einstein was in the car!

Main objectives were to keep a watchful eye of their remaining fuel, dodge enemies, manage the track and by the way shoot down others cars with a large cannon.

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