Racial patterns of dating and marriage

Recent events have resulted in tense race relations in the United States at present.

In view of this, we have decided to focus on positive relationships that can occur between individuals of different ethnicities, and some of the benefits of these relationships.

This social engineering experiment will fail as it is built on wishful thinking and propaganda.

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(1) Studies suggest that interracial interactions are associated with higher levels of stress and anxiety than same-race interactions. Why are mixed-race people perceived as more attractive? Monica, You are very ignorant and not worth it, but I decided to reply to your biased rhetoric.

(2) However, such stress can be reduced by communication between individuals of different ethnicity that focuses on their similarities. Every individual on the planet is not 100% anything.

What I take exception with is the constant shaming for Whites that do not want to race-mix.

But alas, no diverse nation ever lasts the test of time, why do you think we aren't taught real history in school anymore ?

We tend to form relationships with individuals similar in ethnic background, political and religious beliefs, social and economic status, intelligence, attractiveness and personality characteristics.

In Western society, as communities become more diverse, mixed ethnicity or interracial relationships are increasing in prevalence.Sort of a European death wish, biologically speaking.I am a biologist and I have never heard of any organism appearing to try and commit suicide of their own sub species.(3) This is especially the case for individuals who view racial bias (implicit beliefs we have about our own and other races) as malleable and able to change over time. Roberts SC, Little AC, Gosling LM, Perrett DI, Carter V, Jones BC, et al. You need to pick up a book regarding Biology, Science and Social Science so you can try to escape that prison you call a brain.(4) In the United States Pew study, gender patterns of interracial marriage were found to vary widely. A facial attractiveness account of gender asymmetries in interracial marriage. MHC-heterozygosity and human facial attractiveness. Maybe you should crawl into a deep abyss so you will never see disgusting, dark people ever again.The White population will continue to grow, however so will non-White population in America and Europe. White people will not be bred out, however, as Jin stated, there does seem to be a death wish for their race with some Whites, and with all of the ruling elites.

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