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I’ve counted and categorized Kate’s engagements a certain way; others may or may not agree with how I’ve counted and categorized them, but that’s the way I’ve done things for this review.Oddly enough, while it’s usually engagement totals that differ between different countings, it’s the days totals that are different between mine and the Press Association’s.Of her 105 total engagements this year, 24.76% of them were to her patronages.

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* Patronages include titles such as Patron, President, honorary military appointments, etc.

* Numbers only include what was counted in the Court Circular; private visits are not counted.

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And sadly, Kate’s numbers will only go down in 2018 because of the birth of her third child and maternity leave. William needs to pick up the slack in 2018 and get his numbers up – not only is Philip retired now, but Kate will mostly be out of action, and it’s well past time that William step up to the plate.

* Numbers are from Tim O’Donovan’s yearly calculations.

The only thing I can think of is that they used the online Court Circular on the British Monarchy’s website, which doesn’t have everything listed. Kate’s 2017 Engagement Breakdown: As of 2017, Kate has a total of 16 patronages.

This year, she visited 11 out of 16 of them for a total of 26 visits.

The entire royal family’s engagement totals took a nose dive in 2013, after the high of 2012 (HM’s Jubilee year).

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