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“If I were in anywhere else in the world, and I'm just looking at a bunch of gravel stuff, I couldn’t tell the gravel from anything else.” But that chert outcrop in Starr County has a specific geochemical signature, which is measured with a portable X-ray fluorescence instrument or, as Reger once referred to it, a “super cool X-ray gun.” "South Texas is really unique in that we don’t have a lot of rocks, so people had to use special unique materials,” she explained.“When you get over here toward the coast, you’ll find most the tools are made from shells, and they reserve the chert for the drills and the really hard tools they wanted to make.” The chert was re-shaped frequently until only slivers remained, she said, because the supply for people near the coast was limited.“I was just looking for any research project that there was, and my professors have been investigating that specific outcrop in Starr County,” she said. “Most people think that the history of the United States starts with colonization, with the Europeans, and that once the Europeans came, the story gets interesting and that’s when things start,” she said.

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In a desperate bid to reach the United States, Mexican illegal immigrants will use any means necessary to get across the border.

Many make it to dry land, but some only get as far as the Rio Grande before they are spotted by heavily-armed border agents scouring the wall and captured.

“That is a point style that’s about 10,000 years old.

We know with dating and multiple avenues of evidence that that’s 10,000 years old, and we found multiple of those made from this resource in Starr County,” she said.

It comes as the debate over how to deal with the wave of immigrants crossing the border intensifies.

Footprints are seen in a muddy field in Mexico that leads to the Rio Grande river, which runs as a natural border between parts of the country and Texas.

“When you get to Starr County, you get the pretty stuff because they had the better rocks to work with,” Reger said.

Multiple Golondrina-type points (a type of sharp point used on arrows and other projectiles) were found.

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VIDEO by Maria Elena Hernandez - You Tube link: R8 ARCHIVE PHOTO GALLERY by DAVID PIKE: Hfz6R6c/G00005qxg7x Qr Xes/20180303-Geoscience-at-Birding-Center-EC-DP Password: geology (case sensitive) By Maria Elena Hernandez RIO GRANDE VALLEY, TEXAS – April 9, 2018 – Many people think life in the Rio Grande Valley started when Spain began handing out land grants.

In general terms, chert is a type of rock made of microcrystalline quartz that can form in different ways.

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