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"When you wanted it to do something it’d responded very well.” That smooth responsiveness was on full display as the pilots navigated the jet through rough weather into Paine Field, the airstrip adjacent to the Boeing factory.The flight touched down with a light-but-authoritative thud on the same runway from where it was delivered 18 years ago, in October of 1999.At Daily Chat Line, we like to treat our callers that are new. We want our associates that are new to see full service, so that your chat line numbers free trial allows you access to any or all kinds, together with the live chat.

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With that, nearly 50 years of passenger 747 service with U. Perhaps it was the early hour, but those aboard seemed content to choose quiet conversation with one another or personal reflection instead of indulging in a champagne-infused party that’s typical of other retirement flights.

One of those aboard was Robin Boone, who was seated in the penultimate row of the 747 as it flew high above Wisconsin.

The special homecoming charter flight kicked off Delta’s farewell tour for the original jumbo jet, which will go on to stop in Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles this week. Delta has only one regularly scheduled 747 flight left – a Seoul-to-Detroit flight that’s scheduled to land Tuesday.

After that, Delta’s remaining 747s will fly a handful of NFL charters before retiring altogether by the year’s end. TODAY IN THE SKY: Staffing issue: Delta's last Boeing 747 round-trip pushed back Monday’s flight, filled with a few hundred Delta employees and retirees and several frequent fliers that bid Delta frequent-flier miles for the experience, was a fairly muted affair.

“It's a chance to ride on it again, look at it again, see people I knew and still know,” said Boone. No, Boone spent the majority of his career in the cockpit, flying the jet known as the “Queen of the Skies” for Northwest Airlines.

He estimates he racked up over 11,000 hours — more than a year — flying the jet across the globe, from Tokyo to Desert Storm troop charters. “It’s saying goodbye to an old, trusted friend,” said Boone of what he says is likely his last 747 flight. But it was an incredibly wonderful career, and this airplane was the highlight." YOUR TAKE: Readers' photos of the Boeing 747 () For many pilots, Boone included, the jet was well-loved for its reliability and stability.

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Retired captain Anne Simpson, who flew the jet for Northwest and then Delta for eight years agreed: “It flies so beautifully.

I used to refer to it as a big-old puppy dog,” she said.

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