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I order you to wear a red T-shirt tomorrow: the one that clearly shows your tits it read. At night I tossed and turned, visualizing this gutsy guy. It hadnt occurred to me that it also showed off my nipples, but when I tried it on the next morning, indeed they stood out. At night, I became restless and decided to have a drink in the bar around the corner.

How did this guy know that I had a red T-shirt that shows my tits? Id bought it one size too small, to show off my strong pectoral muscles; its sleeves hugged tightly around my biceps. Of course I was wearing underwear, a tight fitting brief.

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I dosed away, and when I woke up I realized that my sperm had dried up on the post card. On the back hed scribbled the instruction for the day. Im sure youll love the taste of my sperm: it will make you long for the real stuff.

When I opened the mailbox the next morning, I knew that his letter would be waiting for me. I knew I would go berserk if he would stop writing. In it was the same postcard I had bought the night before. Also, send the card with your cum to the PO Box 3717, so I can get a taste of yours.Anonymity makes chat more interesting here you can keep yourself confidently, be completely relaxed. I tossed it to the side, thinking that someone was just playing a prank on me. Wearing this T-shirt this day excited me, and all day long I looked at all the men around me to figure out who had written this anonymous order. When I came home, another letter was waiting for me. I like wearing my leather pants at such occasions, and I like feeling the leather touch my skin, touch my dick, so, as usual, I didnt put on briefs.The pants were tight and when the leather stretched over my dick, I felt an erection coming up.My buddies were at the bar as well and we all drank too much for our own good.Otherwise, you can use other video chat rooms for teens.

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