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MPlayer 1.0rc2 and SVN before r25824 (Sun Jan 20 2008 UTC).

Older versions are probably affected, but they were not checked.

We suspect that Youtube uses our software, and we would like everyone to benefit from their work.

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Stay tuned as we continue testing files and adding support for more codecs.

We also urge all websites that use MPlayer/FFmpeg to share the crashing/unplayable files with us.

We also wish to have the option of switching licenses available in the future.

Circumstances making a license upgrade desirable might arise, one never knows.

About a year ago, a couple of developers related to MPlayer took over the task of maintaining libdvdnav.

The first release happened quietly on Sunday, October 28th 2007 and now it is time for another.

A malicious URL string may be used to trigger a buffer overflow in the program, that can lead to arbitrary code execution with the UID of the user running MPlayer.

High (arbitrary code execution under the user ID running the player) if you can play untrusted URLs (e.g.

The FFmpeg development team is putting this information to work in order to improve FFmpeg for everyone.

We know that there are other organizations using FFmpeg on a large scale to process diverse input types.

If you have a file which does not play with MPlayer, please upload it so we can take a look.

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