Specialty internet dating sites what process gives us absolute dating of rocks

But what if you’re interested in someone who loves cats, is a Star Trekker or uses a Mac? Click ahead to see 12 unique dating sites that may help you or someone you know find that special someone — in time for Valentine's Day, or any other day.

Cross-browser compatibility is basically making a website compatible across all web browsers that are used nowadays.

The price varies in different provinces, usually around US$5 – $20/month for a 4M - 100M ADSL/Fiber.(price varies by geographic region) Broadband makes up the majority of internet connections in China, with 363.81 million users at this service tier.

The price of a broadband connection places it well within the reach of the mainland Chinese middle class.

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China's first foray into global cyberspace was an email (not TCP/IP based and thus technically not internet) sent on 20 September 1987 to University of Karlsruhe.

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Wireless, especially internet access through a mobile phone, has developed rapidly.

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