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Browse various safe-working documents including the Rule Book; Electric Train Tablet; Train Staff and Ticket; Track Warrant and Automatic Signalling.PDF versions of the documents can also be downloaded.The purpose of this page is not to explain what astro is but rather to document some of its rich history, including the many sight reduction methods.

Contact me at: Under The Wires In October 2013 trolley bus enthusiast Alan Wickens began publication of a monthly e-magazine called Under The Wires (UTW).

UTW documents the Wellington trolley bus system past and present but unfortunately there is no future.

Access to the tunnel is not particularly difficult but it is not signposted.

The purpose of this page is to explain how to get to the tunnel.

19th century signalling extant at Masterton is explained.

Safe Working A page dedicated to the safe-working systems used by the New Zealand Government Railways (NZGR) and its successors.

When I make the walk I hope to provide a kml file and other details here.

Cruickshanks Tunnel Disused Cruickshanks rail tunnel is hidden in the hills north of Upper Hutt.

In April 2014 there were just thirteen searchlight signals extant in the Hutt Valley and five at Featherston.

This page documents these remaining searchlight signals.

At the end of October 2017 the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) closed down the 60 year old Wellington trolley bus network.

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