Submissives adult chat room

Some people say they like the pain, other people don’t like the pain but like the feeling of being submissive and being controlled by the other person. I also like being spanked by a woman whom I am sexually attracted to as foreplay for sex.

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Submissives adult chat room

As she explains, Sarah had been fascinated by spanking for most of her life but her first ever spanking was on film.

Now she has been spanked many times for websites and in her personal life, and her own website has taken off too. I had a hernia repair surgery for what looked like a congenital femoral hernia. My mother, being a social worked doesn’t believe in spanking or any kind of physical punishment.

As you’ll read in this interview Sarah is a very talented switch as well as being very sexy. It was rather serious though, more than first expected to be. I probably pushed it a bit too soon, but being at a spanking party two weeks after surgery was like putting candy in front of a child and telling them not to touch it. She was all about positive reinforcement through charts and stickers and rewards.

Plenty more of her thoughts regarding spanking can be found at her spanking blog. I was sorry to hear that you were in hospital recently. Luckily I have a great family when it comes to health issues. My father I think went along with her, though threatened once from him, he never went through with it. When did you first realise you might like spanking?

Let’s just say it was not at all what I had hoped for and longed for.

I think this had to do with the fact that my first time getting a real spanking, as in hard, was in a Punished Brats video where Veronica Bound spanked me.I have done work on the Cane-iac website as well in the past.What with your blog and your website you must be very busy. However, I have a new good friend, Paul “Tubaman” Rogers, who has been kinda taking care of me and there for me lately.What the viewer sees as the final project has had so much time, money, and energy that have gone into it on all levels.I like the scenes where you’re with another sexy lady and one or both of you switch.They were there to take care of me in my first week and a half of recovery. Hmmmmm, I can’t exactly pin down an exact age, but I am sure it is around 5 or 6 years of age, when I was in Kindergarten.

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