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\agiiai*-* Vast 18— The Playwright (drama) 1008 teptemher— JWI I— Pnt Uw It Over (comedy) (apllt red) 1 — Mlaa Chatterer's Experience (comedy) (s^t reel) .880 I— A western Girl's Saeriflee (drama) . XHE 'KAOGa BZ THAT ZBOTECXS THE BEST PICXVBE, ICA^i UFACTDBED AND JOBBED: BY • Eilirpriti. ijifi^oria — Taming the Tables (comedy) (spilt 'Ictober — Feet 5 — Eugene Wrsybnra (drama) 1000 4 — The Sinnmer Girl (comedy)' 1000 8— Foul Play. Mnrray Saved tbe American Army (hlst.-drama) 1000 11 — ^Mae'a Sniton (comedy) 1000 13— At the Threshold ot Life (edncatlonal) 1000 14— Her Wedding Bins (drama) 1000 ■SSUTAT.

NS ORCHESTRIONS PI.\NOS SIMPLE DURABLE EFFICIENT Late, Attractive Music NIAGARA MUSPLil NST. Bragg, a Fugitive (comedy) (split- B— Xha Making ot a Man (drama)..., i.. reat IS— tills Becttentloa of (drama) j l OM IT— ra* Bla Aimlfh'a l Are (dzama) 1000 M Bared from the Siunr (drama) 900 SK— Ufa tba Bsida (dnma) 1000 34— d Sie any Wdrea (drama) (ap Ut reel). C, 19; Marlon 20: Klngstree, S, C„ 21, GIM and the Tramp (Carlos Ins^reep's Co, B), Bert Bence, mgr.; Stamford.

giving the .-machine .'a- capacity of 6 pictures per minute. Detective (drama) 1000 8— The Sheriff's Decision (drama) 1000 T— Townliall, Tonight (comedy) 1000 10 — Separation (drama) 1000 12— Get-BIch Hall and Ford (comedy) 1000 13 — The Deacon'a Seward (drama) 1000 14 — The Stage Driver's Dapghter (drama). Nogast- Feef U— The Baron (comedy) (split red) n — Tbr villain gto Uvd (drama) (s^t reri) aeptemher— Fset 4 — The Stuff Heroea Are Made Of (dra- ma) T— Tbe Old Confectloner'a Mistake (dra- m ft) ■ ■ B « ■ » »..•■••••••■• » « » •••••••• tl — ^The Vtllsee Hern (comed.v): The laieky Horse Cbne (comedy) (spilt reel) .... the Dsndy (cemedy) n — A Con Tenient Bnrglar (comedy) (split •p»n 21— When WIfey Holds the Pnne Strings (eomedyl (split reel) 25 — Tbe Bevenne Man and the Girl (dra- ma) 28 — Her Awa)cenln» (drams) 2— Too Many Bnrglan (comedy) (spilt reel) 2 — ^Mr.

Landlocked European country Switzerland is among the world’s most beautiful thanks to it’s diverse natural landscape and has long been a haven of financial success and exceptional beauty.

Swiss women are almost entirely Caucasian and show off their beauty and sexual desires in largely amateur scenes with all manner of naughty activity captured on video.

980 |3— Two Men and a Girl (drama) 980 14 — The Pnnchen' Law (drama) 180 ■fi— ^e Borglarlxed Bnrglar (comedy) ...

.1000 f— The Diamond Gang (drama) 980 r— The Dark Bomance ef a TUiaceo Ola (comedy) (spilt reel) TOO r — ^Never Be Ueve in Signs (comedy) (sp Ut reel) SOC §— The Wrong Glove (comedy) 980 9 — ^Bronebs Bill's Last Spree (comedy ... But many pirates have found a way around that restriction, meainng that they are able to use Google's reliable hosting services without having them taken down, reports Torrent Freak.Ordinarily, You Tube has a series of controls meant to banish such content.And there appear to be very little that Google, which owns You Tube, can do about it.You Tube has rules banning both sexual content and pirated videos, meaning that none of the videos should be available on the site.Puerto Rico is an island commonwealth and a territory of the United States located in the Caribbean Sea.

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