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In this model, an aide in an assisted living facility is presumed to have received specific training and supervision from a nurse in order to administer medication.

In reality, the supervision may be minimal or nonexistent – the nurse will not be present when the aide administers medication.

These are facility employees who receive extra training to qualify them to administer medication.

State assisted living law increasingly allows medication aides (they are called various things, depending on the state) to administer medication in assisted living facilities Delegated Authority.

Most medication administration in assisted living is done by “medication aides” or by facility employees with little or no medication training.

Here are some terms used in reference to the non-nurses who administer medication or “assist” residents with self-administration: Medication Aides.

While some residents can manage a medication routine just fine by themselves, others need varying degrees of assistance.

The term “medication administration” refers to the way in which medication is taken by residents.Free Chat Rooms - Meet 1000s of Thai women from Thailand in our free online dating video chat rooms. Beautiful Thai ladies are waiting to chat with you cam to cam! Thai Chat Links is the place if you're passionate in dating Thai singles.Thai Singles - At Thai Chat Links our main goal is to help Thai Singles search for love or just make new friends in our video chat rooms.State assisted living laws assume that most assisted living facilities cannot afford to hire full-time nurses.

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