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When participants made mistakes in recalling studied items, these mistakes tended to be items that were more semantically related to the desired item and found in a previously studied list.

These prior-list intrusions, as they have come to be called, seem to compete with items on the current list for recall.

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Perhaps over time both of the apps will gain the same features.

In recent years progress has been made to reduce the computational complexity of SVD; for instance, by using a parallel ARPACK algorithm to perform parallel eigenvalue decomposition it is possible to speed up the SVD computation cost while providing comparable prediction quality.documents are mapped to memory addresses by means of a neural network in such a way that semantically similar documents are located at nearby addresses.

Most interesting to me is that the apps are somewhat different.

However, if you go to the Weather Channel app and enter Chicago, the information is correct.

You can also view the submissions of others, so while I can look out the window of my office and see the Mississippi river flowing through New Orleans, with the i Phone app I can also see that the same river is currently frozen in Minneapolis: The CNN i Phone app also includes a "My CNN" feature that gives you local weather and local news.

On the other hand, the i Pad app includes a button that lets you listen to the most recent radio hourly update from CNN.Preparing exhibitions for the Museum of Islamic Art's collections in the Arab World Institute, Paris and curating exhibitions held in host museums in the USA and Paris augmented his experience leading to his appointment as head of several sections at the Museum.The craftsman was able to show off his skill by employing a variety of epigraphic, geometric and vegetal motifs; depictions of living creatures such as birds and fish were also included.For example, unlike the CNN i Pad app, the CNN i Phone app includes a CNN i Report feature that allows you to take a photo or video and contribute it to CNN.The app even features "assignments" such as the current "Wintry weather near you" assignment that asks you to take interesting pictures of the effects of snow and cold you can never stop a lawyer from talking, so I'll note a few things.And while the sun sets pretty late in the middle of summer, it never quite gets to 11 p.m.

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