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Each step along the way brought me to this moment and built me into who I am. Dear Rachel Thank you so much for sharing your very beautiful and inspiring story.

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Looking forward to read your sequel that began with “Freezing my eggs” then “Praying with my feet” to “Gifts from the Master of the Universe”! People need to enjoy their lives at each stage, not be looking for some new stage that will supposedly dramatically make things better.

Please never stop praying to our beloved FATHER, Who is the Father of Truth! HE still talks to us in a small Voice for those who fear HIM and love HIM above all else… Mazal tov, Rachel, wishing you a lifetime of blessing in good health and happiness!

Mazal tov and wish you all the best and many happy, healthy children from your beautiful marriage! May you and your chatan build a Bayit Ne'eman B'Yisrael.

Please daven for the following people to find their basherts: Yisrael Moshe ben Miriam Rachel Akiva Yisrael ben Baila Raizel Elisha Shalom ben Baila Raizel Yonatan Meir ben Reva Shaindel Rivka Yehudit Breindel bat Shulamit Rina Lielle Yakira bat Hadassah Aliza Dorit bat Shira Aharon Menachem ben Ilana Sara Tzvi Elimelech ben Ilana Sara Ben-Zion Alter ben Shoshana Chaya Bina bat Jacqueline Sarah Brachah bat Jacqueline Sarah Miriam Chaya bat Shulamit Batsheva Naomi bat Hinda Yonatan Dovid ben Chaya Esther Chana Tova bat Chaya Esther Yehudit bat Malka Tzipora Rivka bat Malka Mazal Tov!

Please daven for me, if you remember and have a moment, Rivkah Shalva bas Sarah, that I should pass the difficult tests Hashem is putting to me and that I should grow from the experience, and that I should also meet and marry the right man at the right time (speedily and smoothly) and also be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman b'Yisrael. Please pray for a wonderful shidduch for Michal bas Esther, Nechama bas Esther, Chana bas Esther, and Yehudas Leiba bas Basha Rochel. However I would definitely encourage single women to do this, even if they eventually do get married. I really need G-d's assurance, peace and help in this area.

The whole process from finding their spouses to a life time of happiness should be easy and blessed with all revealed good! Freezing your eggs at a younget age will just increase your chances of fertility for later. Also, I feel connected to a guy that keeps hurting me with his indifference, while he is weekly asking for favours from my part.Daniel david Ben sara ester Eliemelech Gavriel Ben sara ester Sara ester bas Golda brocha Aviad Ben roza Golda brocha bas Zelda Zelda bas Golda Noham ban Chaya Chaya sara bas Zelda Roza bas sara Yuri Ben Pesya Ilan Hillel Ben Golda brocha Ira Malka bas Emma Ida bas Malka Ira bas roza David Ben olya David Ben ira Liora Nadya bas ira ALON Ben ora Chaya Daniela bad Mira Chaya Nelya bad Liza Yehudis sheindle bas besya rochel Miriam bas Linda Please pray for Nechama Sheindel bat Leah that she find her right yeud in the world; for Avraham Yosef Ben Feigel for refuah shleima and parnassa tova;for Noam Chaim Pesach Yisroel Shlomo Ben Nechama Sheindel to find his right yeud in the world, for safety in the army, and to find deep and inspiring friends. Jasmine Rachel Bat Shohreh for Shidduch Tehila bat Lea for Shidduch Pennina bat Jackie Leora for shidduch Ayelet bat Osnat for Shidduch Refua shlema for Ariel Ben Ziva Yosef ben Malka Binyamine Ben Ronit Shlomo Ben Lea Chaya lial Bat Tali Mazal tov on your upcoming wedding, much nachat, many smachot, many brochot Amen Please pray that Michael Yonatan ben Gilah Emunah forgives and builds a relationship anew with his mother. I really need His light in order to know how to move on? I'm genuinely happy to hear about your story, it gives me hope in G-d's Almighty Power to change our lives for the better :) Thank you for offering to daven for others - so kind and thoughtful of you!Maybe even that he makes Aliya where The Land itself will teach him what his soul yearns to know. Please daven for a refuah shaleima for Chana bas Meora.We may not have Egyptians on our tail or stand at the sea, but every day we confront fear and apprehension. It is a daily practice of showing up to all that we fear, each ‘what if’ of life, and moving forward as we ask for God’s help. Like any good insurance policy, I hope I won’t need to use those eggs. When I see them, I hope I’ll remember that God has brought a miracle in my life, and with His help, I can keep going, one foot in front of the other. I hope you and your fiancee have a beautiful life together and have happy and healthy children.We all have the places where we worry – will there be enough to pay the bills? But I have no doubt I’ll need to call upon the faith that I have built. This article and your other article really spoke to me.Your articles taught me that I have to have faith in Blessed Above, take action, and stop being afraid in order to obtain my goals of having a family.

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