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However, for a bad boy, a sedentary or a stationary life is completely alien to his nature and the rebels at the first opportunity.

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Any bad boy has had his share of run in’s with the law.

Sometimes they get away with it but that is because they are so good at breaking the law and taking things into their own hands.

In fact, they are uncomfortable in hostile environments whereas a bad boy is in his elements in them.

Good boys do not risk it by tempting fate, maybe because they have too much character.

Women cling to bad and naughty boys like a bee to honey.

They are imagined to be complete and absolute bedroom rulers and a de facto ruler at that.

A bad boy has usually survived a lot of things and as a result, has gained invaluable experience which other men of his age would die to possess.

He is not afraid of any kind of woman and knows exactly how to deal with each type.

Just a month later a third skull was found, but the bones had been trampled by cattle after being washed into a gully.

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