Free chat with sexy moms - Updating clamtk

The Clam AV Virus Databases contain a package of updated virus definitions that you can use in case your computer goes offline.

updating clamtk-33

You need to run it right away to get the initial database up and going - just double-click

After that, you can install it as a service in the same manner as listens on (default 3310), but a call to its STREAM method generates a reply on a random port with a range you can set in clamd.conf, which would mean you would have to add exceptions for the entire range.

Needless to say, an active Internet connection in mandatory for the updater to be able to contact the Clam AV servers.

However, if you find yourself in a situation when you need to update Clam AV's signatures and no Internet connection is available, then the offline virus databases will surely serve you well.

So here it is, laid out as best as I can tell it, in one place: where to find a current native Win32 port of Clam AV, how to install it, how to set up to run as a service, and the settings relevant to scanning file streams sent from an external client.

To give some context: I am using Clam AV to scan user-uploaded files for viruses in an ASP. Each upload is sent as a stream from the webserver to another Windows 2003 server running the service, which scans them and replies with some basic info on the outcome of the scan.

You may find, if you Google for "clamd windows service", various helpful threads or articles describing how to forcibly set up as a service with and from the Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools. I can only assume that the Clam AV Windows ports came out with a built-in "install as service" feature at some point fairly recently, but the word just hasn't got around.

I'll get to the settings for fetches antivirus library updates.

I am writing on October 15, 2009 and the current version of Clam Anti Virus is 0.95.2.

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