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It's normal to see some traffic in IIS logs from Power Shell connections, or server-to-server traffic (such as health probes), but as long as no regular users are showing up in the IIS logs on the server you can pretty safely consider it safe to remove.Exchange 2010 Hub Transport servers can be decommissioned when there is no more email routing through the server.The Exchange 2013 Edge Transport server for Not Real University has already been shut down, but it's worth taking a brief look at what steps you should perform to remove an Edge Transport server.

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You can then power it back on when ready, and uninstall the Exchange Server application from the server.

The recommended practice for Exchange 2010 or later is to install multi-role servers, however it's possible that you have installed your server roles on separate servers, so let's look at them individually.

For DAG members the approach is a little different.

The process involves: The uninstall of Exchange from the server can be initiated from the Control Panel, in Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs, depending on your version of Windows Server.

They can still host empty databases, but setup will not allow the uninstall to proceed if any mailboxes or public folders still exist in those databases.

Exchange 2010 setup will also block the uninstall if the server is still responsible for Offline Address Book generation.

For Not Real University, the organization is running in coexistence with Exchange Server 2010, 2013, and 2016.

The goal is to remove all of the legacy servers, leaving only the Exchange 2016 Mailbox and Edge Transport servers in the environment.

Client access services are no longer needed when there are no longer any mailboxes or public folders hosted on the legacy version of Exchange.

The easiest way to verify that client connections are not hitting a server any more is to review the IIS logs.

Plus, all the games that you install or play will now show up in the games row on the SHIELD home screen.

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