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The Turbo Grafx-16 features RF out only and a single controller port that uses a much larger controller connector than the Japanese PC-Engine.

It also has an enormous expansion port that juts from the back of the unit and shipped with a plastic cover that attached over this and made the shape of the system more uniform.

Shop for Turbo Grafx-16 System on e Bay Turbo Grafx-CD This monstrous peripheral attaches to the expansion port and features a platform on which the Turbo Grafx-16 rests.

It is effectively the Japanese CD ROM² add-on with a different shape and name.

It allows the Turbo Grafx-16 to play CD games and features 64 Ki B of RAM into which to load game data and an ADPCM chip that provides an extra digital audio channel.

It changed the face of gaming by allowing games to feature Red Book audio for spoken dialogue and soundtracks.

Shop for Turbo Duo System on e Bay Super System 3.0 Card When the Turbo Duo was released the remaining inventory of the Turbo Grafx-CD add-on had its price slashed, and as an effort to let others in on the game TTI also released a US version of the Super System 3.0 Card, allowing the Turbo Grafx-16 with Turbo Grafx-CD to play Super CD ROM² games.

The Super System 3.0 Card shipped with the 4-in-1 Super CD that was also packaged with the Duo, meaning you were never without at least 4 great games to play.

It also increases the amount of game data that can be stored, meaning that a game can feature lots of cinema intermissions, both still and animated.

The only drawback to this is that the limited data cache means lots of loading times between level sections or intermissions.

Unlike the Gameboy or the Game Gear it accepts the same cart-based games as the console system and displays them on a small, high-quality LCD screen.

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