Virgo woman dating a aquarius man dating an italian american woman

A woman who knows what she wants can get him to do anything she wants him to do.It only hast be brought to his attention tactfully, possibly with seduction.If you didn´t matter to him, he would not waste his energy on “educating” you.

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For him, passion is intertwined with friendship, and true friendship is not built overnight. Outwardly cool though, he is still a very emotional individual. He is concerned about traditions only in so far, as he will break them if he has the chance to do so.

In his mind, breaking traditions is the motor for progress.

If you leave him the reins, he is good to come home again.

He can be very entertaining and stimulating – for the right woman.

Actors born under the sign of Aquarius are known for the fact that they learn their lines very quickly, and have their role already memorized in the reference sample.

The Aquarius is indeed gifted for the stage and is an excellent orator.

Moreover: Even though he is always attracted to new and unusual feelings (Uranus, the planet of the unexpected shows his influence), he is basically faithful.

If he flirts occasionally, it´s only because the unknown makes him curious.

He is imaginative in everything sexual – a frigid woman will not remain frigid for long in this lovers arms.

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