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She begins to wonder what other things in their relationship he has lied about.

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Fortunately, most people and relationships can, and do, heal from the devastation of pornography.

It takes time, patience, and commitment to the healing process.

While porn harms in many ways, here are three particular ways pornography is devastating your wife : For them, pornography isn’t simply “images on a screen.” They are other women. When a man chooses to spend time with pornography, he is choosing to spend time with other women.

Furthermore, he is sharing his sexuality with them, a precious gift that must only be shared with his wife.

While the healing process seemed daunting for Max and Kelly, they still loved each other and were committed to their marriage.

As they worked on their individual healing, they were able to develop a new and healthy marital relationship.

Whenever I work with a couple struggling with the effects of pornography, there are three kinds of counseling I offer: Many couples claim they simply want to go back to the way things were before their marriage was damaged by pornography. Because pornography use and its root causes often predate the marriage, one or both spouses probably were not healthy when they entered the marriage.

The goal of counseling is to help them work on individual and marital healing so that they can create a healthy and happy marriage.

Most wives feel they have an open and honest relationship with their husbands.

They believe they can share anything with each other and they have a healthy intimacy.

Because pornography depicts men sexually exploiting women, a wife might also end up feeling used in her sexual relationship with her husband.

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