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Jim Iyke tried to talk me out of telling my husband and when I insisted he got upset and decided to set Emeka Ike up because Emeka Ike is the only person I confided in and when I was invited to Maryland to feature in a movie, alongside Keturah Hamilton, Emeka Ike was there and I always confided in him and asked questions.Emeka Ike and his wife Emma have been my friends for over 11 years now, I visited them when I visit Nigeria...According to reports, Jim Iyke kept this relationship a closely guarded secret because “After trying a few relationships in the industry at home, I didn’t want the circus and misconceptions that came from close scrutiny so I spared no expense and resources to protect this relationship and my baby.

Congratulations are in order to Nollywood actor Jim Iyke for being the latest celeb daddy.

The movie star has welcomed a baby boy from Dana Kinduryte, 23, his Lithuanian girlfriend.

It was very unfair that Jim Iyke who knows the truth but afraid to face it could be so callous to accuse an innocent person like Emeka Ike who has been nothing but a big brother to me since I've known him.

I was very upset about it and fought for the truth.

Dana moved into Jim Iyke's apartment five months ago.

The actor was present during delivery and assisted during the procedure.Nollywood actor Jim Iyke kept his relationship with 23 year old Lithuanian girlfriend Dana Kinduryte well under wraps.The couple who met last year have welcomed their first child together – a baby boy born on the 1 of September at the Grady Hospital, Atlanta.According to the star actor, the relationship did not work out because he was too wild and reckless for her. He made these revelations in an interview with Broadway TV on why their relationship failed to lead to marriage.He said: “Rita and I met when I was just beginning to embrace fame, the comforts that came with it. She tried to show me another life and say listen ‘there is so much more to you ” I promise you that Rita will not hang around with a layabout.Jim Iyke has tried dating several girls just to obtain a green card, one of d girls he dated confessed that he tried to get her pregnant and when she said no Jim Iyke decided to spend her money with promises of everlasting love and then left her for another person. She strips for clubs and that is, Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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