Who is kelly rowland dating tim weatherspoon

"Be careful young lady," wrote one follower, "your baby will come when he's ready." Another wrote, "An [sic] workout in your 8th month that is so disturbing, and rightly so." Another passionate commenter wrote: "Sounds pretty selfish and a tad negligent regarding the baby and its residence card being revoked!!!!This is a train we all know we cannot get off of till its time…. " With that many exclamation marks, it doesn't seem like Lara is the one who needs to chill. But as Australian fitness guru Chontel Duncan knows well, as soon as you post videos of yourself trying to maintain those positive attributes while pregnant, public reception isn't so sweet.She continued to say that negative comments from strangers arrived throughout her entire pregnancy.

It totally discounts Hart's ability to seek advice and continue exercising at her own discretion.

When Kelly Rowland announced her pregnancy with her manager husband Tim Weatherspoon back in 2014, it soon became clear that she wasn't going to let her fitness routine fall by the wayside.

"Y u working out wen u pregnant.too serious bout ur body," read one helpful comment, while another offered a patronizing "aww…boo…can you still handle that??

You need to relax love." Rowland's trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, shared the same picture over on her Instagram profile, complete with a breakdown of the full workout, and that too was met with comments, such as telling this fitness professional "not over do it now!

However, on sharing a video of herself busting her butt during a fitness regime while six months pregnant, Stage found herself the center of viral attention — but not for the reasons she would've liked.

Although the comments on the aforementioned post have now been deactivated, reported in 2017 that Stage received rather brutal messages from "Insta-doctors" reprimanding the model for not thinking about her "unborn child." One commenter apparently wrote: "This is horrible what you are doing!! Although, no doubt, you've heard of the family Lara Trump married into back in 2014, it appears that a powerful connection doesn't eliminate you from the wrath of internet shamers.Delivering the perfect clapback via her Twitter account, the reality TV star called out those "who think they are physicians all of a sudden," and stated that her workouts are "cleared and highly recommended." She also insinuated that if such negative comments continued she would "stop sharing sh*t." Along with her post, she included a link to an article that offers 33 reasons to stay active when pregnant.Kardashian is the author of Oh, what we would give to look like Sarah Stage, the American fitness model who cultured a 2 million Instagram following thanks to her workout tips and all-round stunning lifestyle.At the time, Alba was already the mother to two daughters with her husband Cash Warren, so — you'd assume — she already has a good sense of what her body can handle during pregnancy.In fact, she told in 2017 that it's important for her "to continue to exercise so that I can potentially have an easier postpartum recovery." Yet, after sharing workout videos to her Instagram stories (via You Tube), and being snapped by paps leaving the gym on multiple occasions, people assumed she was putting her unborn child at risk for the sake of vanity.The children live in a wheelchair." And while this message is clearly devastating for the family in question, it is actually not helpful to share this with Hart.

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