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Then there’s Ipsy, her beauty sampling company, which is worth a reported 0 million. She should have been damn pleased with herself at that point. “I peaced out because I think I was going through depression.

I don’t know because I didn’t go to a hospital or anything or get diagnosed, but I was taking a few quizzes online and I felt really sad every day,” Phan says.

I’m not over here ballin out, but for the first time in life- I can breathe. She was a struggling artist when she created Sailor Moon, a manga and anime ahead of its time.

Its color palette and style is a major influence on today’s culture. I lived my entire life paycheck by paycheck until I took a chance with my channel.

Phan became the Lancôme’s first Vietnamese spokesperson, acting as a representative around the world in 2010 after that Phan became official at Lancôme’s official video makeup artist.

Dedicating the brand to Phan’s mother, L’Oreal produced a new cosmetic line called em by Michelle Phan on August 15, 2013.

“My poor colleagues back home were really struggling because I wasn’t as around as much,” she says. It was probably one of the most memorable experiences I ever had in my life, just waking up and not knowing what to do.” By now, Phan’s origin story is well-known, at least by those who care about beauty. Her dad had a gambling problem; her parents eventually broke up and a strict stepdad entered the picture, then left a few years later.

“But I have a great team and they know exactly where my vision is and where I align. “The biggest impression I had growing up was that we were always poor,” Phan says.Her subscription beauty sampling business, Ipsy, raised 0 million last year to value the company at over 0 million.“I didn’t have a roadmap, I just did it because it was meaningful to me and I wanted to disrupt the beauty industry,” Michelle said, addressing an assembly room loaded with 1,500-plustist at Forbes’ second annual 30 Under 30 summit in Philadelphia.She needs to get her ego in check and have some empathy for others. Phan, who is almost 30, is one of You Tube’s biggest success stories and arguably one of the most popular and recognizable so-called beauty gurus on the platform, with almost 9 million subscribers and well over a billion views of her videos.Crypto has given me a life I never dreamt was possible.

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