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This guide is based on what I've learned and what's worked for me.But it would be awesome if everyone shared their own ideas and experience. In the years following my recovery from the awkwardness surrounding the loss of my virginity, I spent a great deal of time searching for that magic physical technique, the one that would transform me into a Sex God (or at least a minor deity).This way she was able to stay stimulated, and she would start to whimper from all of the stimulation. Keep that up and when you get home they'll be hot, horny, and ready to fuck the minute they see you. Remember that sex itself is kind of ridiculous, and there's not much you can do about that except say "fuck it" and go balls deep.

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The key to success is saying the right thing at the right time.

The limits of what is acceptable/appropriate will move all over the place during the course of a sexual encounter.

Telling a girl you're going to "fuck her little pussy raw" when you start snuggling up on the couch might be fine with some chicks. Remember, you are a fucking sex superstar, your voice should ooze supreme confidence.

With others it will break the mood, and still others it will get you slapped. Second, as you get used to talking dirty, get her involved.

Additionally, she wants to see herself as a sexual creature, one that's so overpoweringly irresistable that you just to have her right this fucking instant.

The things you say when you're talking dirty will reflect these two concepts. All over the place, but that's the real key to success and we'll get to it in a moment. Maybe she's down with being called degrading names, maybe she's not. if so, don't use it (not for a while, at least).

" yeah, dirty girl, and I'll throw in a "fuck" to make sure we're all on the same page here. shove them in your cunt and let me eat them out, bitch."Tease her by slipping out, then back in for a little while, then out and very gently rub her clit with your dick and tell her if she wants it she'll have to beg you for it. It usually gets them all buttered up, thinking about it all day, just planting that seed in the back of their mind.

So I went with it, I'm committing to "fuck you like this you dirty girl." Of course, naturally, being the awkward teenager, I hesitated. Ends up with all kinds of crazy hot stuff, my GF will whimper and try to pull me back in, telling me she wants it. Reminds of something I read about which I've kept in mind since and many people don't think about.

It must be complemented by physical agression (spanking/slapping/hair pulling/rough handling/hard fucking) in order to not seem out of place. So I'm on top pumping away in missionary as usual, but now trying to decide what to say. Wow, I almost ended up moving to Canada when I was a kid, but we ended up in Michigan instead. We used to cross the border all the time to get dim sum in Windsor for super cheap. Me: G minor, number 40, Köchel-Verzeichnis 550Her: Oh my God. Oh my God Add some spice to things – Stravinsky is much more raunchy... Or Wagner, a five hour marathon of operatic fucking.

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